Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Ryan, Orianthi and Chuck at Skogsröjet

Besides Alice and the band doing two fantastic shows in Gothenburg and at Skogsröjet I got a little lucky at Skogsröjet. Ryan Roxie were having a little meetup after his gig with Roxie 77 (which was a nice gig as well, inspired and happy band) and although we only got to meet Ryan and not the others in Roxie 77 Orianthi popped by and talked a little and did autographs and photos. Ryan seemed slightly stressed/confused but was nice as the other few times I've met him. Orianthi was nice to meet as well but she left soon.

Later I saw a familiar character walking across the plain between the stages and the merchant area and after a second or two I recognized the short statue and the tattoos (new haircut again confused me from behind) and realised it was Chuck Garric so I ended up having a short talk with him and helping him hand out some flyers for his new band Beastö Blancö. 

Both Roxie 77 and Beastö Blancö is worth giving a try. Beastö Blancö is much heavier rock though than Roxie 77. Both bands are available at Spotify (for Roxie 77 only their latest album) and Roxie 77 can be bought and downloaded from their BandCamp site while Beastö Blancö can be bought from for example iTunes (Beastö Blancö can be seen both with or without metal umlauts).

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