Thursday, 23 June 2011

''The Night Shift'' became ''Welcome to my Nightmare, Part II''

So the record The Night Shift about the mystic DJ instead became a follow-up of the famous Welcome to my Nightmare and called Welcome to my Nightmare, Part II. It also became about as late as the last record, approximately a year late but now it's scheduled for 16/9 2011. It will be sold via Classic Rock Magazine like Slash's latest album but I guess the content of the album will be available via CD and iTunes as usual a little later but without some extra stuff that comes with the magazine and record.

Alice has earlier said that he and Ezrin wanted to do a new Alice's Nightmare - what kind of nightmare would he have if he had it today? He has also said that they're trying to connect the two records and that we will find small musical themes from part one on part two.

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